Cleaning and Sealing Grout in Sun City Center

Cleaning and Sealing Grout in Sun City Center

A customer in Kings Point of Sun City Florida had been in their home for five years and was ready to get her tile cleaned.

While at the job she was very interested in the process. While I was coloring the grout she asked “are you going to seal the grout after you color it?” This is a very common question while out in the field.

I explained to my customer that the “colorant is the sealer. It’s an epoxy formulated color sealer that bonds to the existing grout. A layer of epoxy color sealer fills the entire grout joint which then becomes sealed when dried.”

She then asked “how do I keep my grout clean?” Once again this is another common question.

“When cleaning your floor you want to use a pH neutral floor cleaner. I use a product called simple green (all purpose cleaner). Any neutral cleaner that is used should be diluted according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Simple greens light dilute ratio is 1:30. Vacuuming and/or sweeping is recommended before damp mop cleaning.”

Cleaning and Sealing GroutCleaning and Sealing Grout