Cleaning new tile in Riverview, FL

I had a customer in Lucaya Lake Club in Riverview Florida  call with a tile issue.

The customer had been in their brand new home for a few months now but were having issues getting her brand new tile clean. As a matter of fact it was getting worse the more she cleaned it.

When I arrived to see her dilemma it was obvious to me what the problem was. Unfortunately for the customer it’s a problem that cant be solved easily. The reason her tile wasn’t cleaning up and only getting worse was because of grout haze. Over time through cleaning and foot traffic the haze attracted dirt and soils which becomes impossible to clean with safe in home cleaners. A professional acid wash will take care of the issue. 

If you recently purchased new tile or have had tile installed in your new home its recommended that the installer do an acid wash after installing the floor. This will ensure all grout haze is removed from the tile.